Undying Festival 2010

BEFORE You Mail me or ASK saying level _ is broken (thanks sugarbmc)

1.You do NOT have to PULL the sword from the stone.Its RANDOM
2. NO level 2 is NOT broken. You have to KEEP donating gumballs. Its RANDOM
3. Throwing means SENDING. 
4. INDYGO is a STAFF MEMEBER. YES a Marapets User.
5. On SOME levels you have to KEEP REFRESHING TILL YOU GET IT.

So sick of these questions being asked

Welcome to my site! -Timofy

Hi! I am Timofy and you can call me Susan or possibly Tweeby. I hope this site helps you!  It took me quite awhile to make this and take a screenshot after every level I complete. If I am missing a letter, picture, clue and you would like to add it here Please MM me. I'll mention you on the bottom. Anyways in the meantime I would appreciate it if you voted for Me,Obvi, or MrPea in the Beauty/Ugly Contest.

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1.Search "addow" in the Satelite and click on "Enchanted Snow Addow Plushie"
2.Donate a Gumball to the pot of gold. (May take several tries)
3.Visit the Simerian Statue
4.Try to pull the sword out of the stone.(May take several tries)
5.Refresh Alot at the Loyalty Page (www.marapets.com/king.php)
6.Win a battle
7.Go to the Spider Solitaire Game Page (may take some refreshing)
8. Bet on Newth #6 in Newth Racing
9. Play a game of Keno
10.Take your minipet on a ride in the Fasoro Falls
11.Refresh at the Obese Fairy
12. Search "old costume" in the Satelite and click on it (may take some refreshing)
13. Refresh at the Beauty Contest Page.(www.marapets.com/beautycontest.php)
14. Refresh at the clock tower
15. Enter your pet into Olympics
16. Dig up a bone in Grave Robbing.
17. Go HUG the Nutty tree.
18. Play the Trash Fairy
19. Get something from the Trash Heap
20. Get something from the Clothing Rack
21. Play the Fruit machine
22.  Use the Operations Portal
23. Buy a Lottery Ticket
24. Play double or nothing
25. Send score in Bounchy
26. Use the Guillotine
27. Collect your Bank Intrest
28. Complete an Elger Quest
29. Add a Zombie Tantua Photo to your Wishlist
30. Use the Eleka Fountain
31. Dig up a worm at worm digging
32. Refresh at the Millionaires Lodge
33. Get something from Murfin Madness (Charisma, Tshirt, Mug)
34. Send a wormy apple to "indygo"
35. Refresh at the Poisons shop

Sentence: Marapets is now on Facebook! Do you like us?

Thank you to teddybearlvr, Sqwhir,msprincesskj and ladybookworm for contributing to this list.